Rising rapper and artist Spaceman releases new project ‘Annihalation’, alongside dynamic video and single “Law”.

Blossoming into the genre-blending artist he is today; Spaceman is the rapper finding catharsis in community. The vocalist’s alias represents the hip-hop, punk and electronica that defines his music, as he looks to defy sonic classification. Making a ferocious return, with the new project ‘Annihilation’, the elusive character offers a multi-dimensional view as to what the rap game can and should be.


Previously based in Brooklyn, Spaceman re-established his ties in Freeport and surrounded himself with fellow creatives in the scene. The community includes breakdancers, graffiti crews, rappers and DJs, who take influence from the golden era of hip-hop culture and renovate it around their own 21st century references.


‘Annihilation’ is a dynamic edition to Spaceman’s discography. Offering new sonic interpretation, the project sounds fresh and intrinsic to the rapper’s previous efforts. “Law” is undoubtedly a standout cut from the mixtape, which was inspired by a Charles Bukowski poem. On the record, Spaceman says, This album represents a new plateau in the execution of my craft. It’s the same musical energy people have come to expect from me but presented with a focus and refinement I had to discover organically, in my own time.”

Watch the video for 'Law' below: