'Lay It Down' is the new genre-mixing track by TRY, DreamDoll and Jay1.

There’s a big project in the works by the musical duo TRY. The pair—composed of Grammy-nominated DJ, producer, composer, and director Sam i and songwriter Shmuck the Loyal—have gathered together an impressive fellowship of collaborators for their upcoming full-length project. Having already worked with the likes of Mikky Ekko and EARTHGANG, TRY is preparing to unveil a string of collaborations with high-profile names that capture a variety of eclectic sounds and diverse moods. Their newest track, ‘Lay It Down‘, centres vocals from DreamDoll and Jay1 in a genre-blending slam that reverberates in the mind long after the first listen.


In ‘Lay It Down’, TRY has once again achieved something special with its unparalleled ability to blend genres and push the boundaries of sonic exploration. The recipe of this alchemical track goes like this: start TRY’s melodic flair and deep baseline, then cut up into DreamDoll’s iconic rap before dropping down into Jay1’s deep, lyrical vocals. With the loaned power of DreamDoll and Jay1, TRY has managed to fearlessly traverse uncharted musical territories, managing the stormy collision of hip-hop and electronic music with unparalleled finesse.


At the heart of this track lies a raw and unapologetic authenticity, as TRY lets the raw, explicit storytelling of DreamDoll and Jay1 venture into a place of erotic power that the music not only demands but excellently fulfils. The lustful lyrics and pulsating rhythms linger in a vibe that many songs hesitate to reach for. There’s a powerful connection between music, emotion, and experience, paralleled by the connection between the singers. With each crescendo and drop, the track builds to an electrifying climax, leaving us spellbound and hungry for more.


TRY’s debut EP, Chapter One, was released in 2022. Since then, it’s been streamed over half a million times on Spotify. The EP established a remarkable sonic identity and set high expectations with fans of Sam i, Shmuck The Loyal,  and the duo themselves. In a statement, TRY has said that their future projects will continue “to explore and push the boundaries of their sound” and that they promise to deliver “a continually evolving and immersive listening experience”.

Listen to 'Lay It Down' now: