Producer, DJ and visual artist, LCY, gives us an exclusive look into a day in their life as they prepare for their fabric presents: London Unlocked livestream and upcoming 'Pulling Teeth' EP.

Gearing up to release their forthcoming 6-track EP ‘Pulling Teeth’ out via SZNS7N on the 22nd April, LCY gives Notion an exclusive look into a day in their life.


The London-based, Bristol-born musician and audio/visual artist first introduced us to the main character of their sonic story – Ériu – in the ominous, metallic electronic single “Garden of E10”. A concept almost two years in the making, Ériu was created from traditional Irish lore, fantasy soundtracks and the books of Mary Shelley.


Ériu will appear in the dystopian world LCY is building around their ‘Pulling Teeth’ EP, which will also be accompanied by a clay model image series and a live audio piece, revealed chapter by chapter over the coming weeks. The story has allowed LCY to write their own tale of Ériu’s creation, worship, abuse, trauma, consciousness and ultimate decay. The EP will reflect not just LCY and the world around them but also Celtic polytheism.

Speaking on the project, LCY says: “‘Pulling Teeth’ is my first completely non-fiction project and experience with world building after envisioning and drawing what would be the main character nearly 2 years ago. The story follows a post-human, post-human friendly AI landscape where the robots known as ‘the organism’ build a robot with a human brain (and accidentally a canine mouth) to in part worship and in part experiment on.

The story expands throughout the project, and everything down to the tiniest of frequencies has been built with the intention of immersing the listener.

Through the process of creation, writing and drawing this story into a graphic novel it has become not only a reflection on the character Eriù but drawn inspiration from my own research of Celtic folklore and reflection of myself and the situations/ people around me. This is the first look at this world and its complex dynamics, I would like for people to take what they will of the music and build their own ideas of what it means.”


Over to LCY…


Picture 1&2: “I spent the morning storyboarding and creating the clay imagery for the next chapter of my forthcoming project music Pulling Teeth to shoot this evening. It’s Sunday and I usually like to work through the weekend to be prepared for the week ahead!”

Pictures 3-6: “The concept that I’m working on below is the part of the story where Ériu is being created. The robots are fusing a dog mouth to a human head and I’m figuring out how I can make the still images represent various surgical procedures! The plan is to shoot these pieces when I’m back from the studio.”

Picture 7: “This is the studio my girlfriend and I rent half the week ( it was looking particularly cute and evil today)… we spent the day working on forthcoming music and EPs”.


Picture 8: “We would usually spend more time at the studio but I had to get home to watch my DJ set Livestream for fabric (and we needed to watch the Arsenal and Manchester United games!!)”

Pictures 9 & 10: “After the stream I shot the art pieces for Pulling Teeth ~ picture 10 is an example of what they will end up looking like.”

Pictures 11-14: “I promised I would do my gorgeous gf’s hair for some shoots she has this week so I did mine too at the same time…”

Picture 14: “We played sims and went to sleep! Thanks for reading my chaotic day in the life, I hope you have enjoyed x”

Watch LCY's livestream for fabric below:

Stream "Shhh" below:


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