Midlands outfit, Learn To Lie, share retro music video for soaring indie track “Lost Boys”.

Formed in 2017, Learn To Lie have crafted their sound through climactic build-ups and unforgettable vocals. This week sees the four-piece return with emotive alt-rock track, “Lost Boys.” The track chases the highs of escapism, drawing fans into the magical world of their own creation.


The band have released the tune alongside a vintage-tinged music video, picturing shoegazey visuals in a magical forest setting, as the atmosphere matches the ethereal melody. Offering listeners a delicate intro and daunting hook, “Lost Boys” follows-up Learn To Lie’s previous release “Smile.” Consistently proving that versatility is their specificality, across this track vocalist Courtney Hurcombe showcases an impressive vocal range with heart-wrenching belts.  


Talking about the meaning of the tack, Learn To Lie say: “The concept for the track is based on the character Wendy from the children’s book Peter Pan. The song is based on her point of view during the story, how staying would be an adventure but she’s got to go home.” If you’re looking to get into your feelings, this is the track for you. 

Watch “Lost Boys” by Learn To Lie below: