Sabrina Francis returns with a heartwarming new video for her personal recent single “Learn To Love”.

Hailing from the Caribbean Island of Grenada, Sabrina Francis is an artist who often draws on her childhood memories. Her latest single “Learn To Love” is no different, as the new video tracks the lyrical story of move to Union Island with her mother.


With humble beginnings, Sabrina’s roots are reflected in her sound. Born into a large family with a strong artistic sense, she describes how the access for creatives in her home-country were somewhat limited. Despite this, she is achieving her dream of taking her blend of Afro-Caribbean pop across the world.

Having released three bodies of work so far, in 2019 her second album, ‘I Feel’, earned a finalist prize in the John Lennon song writing competition. Since then, she’s launched the ‘Sabrina’s Treehouse Concerts’ series, as well as touring Europe and the UK.


Sabrina’s video for “Learn to Love” is as heartfelt as the track itself. Showing the artist in home environments, themes of belonging and travel see her embrace the difficult move away from her Grenadian home. Telling listeners of leaving family and friends behind, Sabrina assures us that positivity is possible – whatever life may throw at you.

Watch the video for "Learn to Love" below: