Aussie band Sticky Fingers make a triumphant return with new album, ‘Lekkerboy’, after a three-year hiatus.

Sticky Fingers are a group of Australian Indie-rockers who’ve been building a dedicated fanbase since their breakout album ‘Caress Your Soul’ in 2013. Nine years later, having sold-out arenas, before recently taking a hiatus, the boys are back.


Formed in Sydney in 2008, since their initial release Sticky Fingers have produced five studio albums. All including their signature, instantly recognisable reggae-inspired drums, the band have discussed their influences as a “melting pot of reggae, psych and bourbon”.


Written during the pandemic, their latest release, ‘Lekkerboy’, reflects the band’s thirteen-year journey so far. This recent time period represented the first time the members had been isolated from each other, and the resultant album is as emotionally raw as it is nostalgic. Releasing the first album single “We Can Make The World Glow”, it was evident the project would be quintessential Sticky Fingers, combining tight drums with their signature woozy vibes and honest songwriting. Other highlights include tracks like “Love Song” and “My Rush”, an example of an embracing of darker themes as part of their musical evolution. Keys player Freddy explains, “. Lekkerboy is our biggest and longest album yet which I know fans have been gaggin for. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved, and I can’t wait to take it to the world. It’s time to bop!”


Stream Sticky Fingers' new album below: