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British brand Lerins drops a new trainer collection, offering a contemporary take on sustainability without compromise.

Founded in 2021, Lerins is a conscious brand that prioritises environmental impact without sacrificing style. They may be new, but as a fourth generation footwear manufacturer, shoes are in their founder, Daniel Rubin’s, DNA. The brand’s latest offering is the epitome of this outlook. For those looking for trainers that won’t come at an ethical price, Lerins designs are waiting.


The new collection sees Lerins in 10 new options in a variety of shades from muted camel to vibrant green. Designed in London and made in Portugal with European-sourced materials, the retro-inspired court trainer offers comfort without compromise. Far from mass produced fast-fashion, this contemporary trainer is made in a small, family-owned factory in Portugal with over 30 years experience utilising cutting-edge materials from Spain and Italy.

With the brand name and ethos inspired by the unspoilt Lérins Islands, the employment of traditional shoe-making techniques alongside innovative materials addresses the environmental challenges of shoe crafting. Determined to counter the water wastage in the process of leather production, Vegan leather is supplied by Lerins’ Italian partner, Vegea. The material is made from the grape skins left over from wine making. Later combined with vegetal oils and natural fibres, the result is a durable and leather-like product.


Ethically focussed in all aspects, Lerins’ leather is produced to a gold standard in certified ‘Leather Working Group’ tanneries where the provenance of the raw material is known and approved, and the use of water and chemicals tightly controlled. Not only this, but all packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable and, wherever possible, Lerins is using energy efficient processes in its logistics and operations.

The brand doesn’t claim to be fully sustainable – yet – however, they are committed to making every effort to become as sustainable as possible. Actions like being corporate partners of the World Land Trust charity, and supporting international reforestation initiatives, demonstrate this commitment further.


The new Lerins will be available in April 2022 via the brand’s website.