Hayley Kiyoko is the ‘Lesbian Jesus’ shaking up pop’s heteronormative paradigm, one queer bop at a time. We meet her in New York for her exclusive Notion 81 cover story.

A former Disney star turned international pop sensation Hayley Kiyoko manages to both fit the perfect pop star mould and shatter it at the same time. A half Japanese, lesbian woman she’s the face of a new breed of pop that has taken over the charts this year, one that embraces identity and diversity as its strengths. Having recently won the VMA Push award and broken into the top 20 with her debut album Expectations, Kiyoko’s made headlines with her ‘TWENTYGAYTEEN’ tagline, celebrating her success. We meet the rising superstar in New York for Notion 81.

  • Hayley Kiyoko wears K-SWISS