Belarus-born, LA-based singer-songwriter, ZØYA, releases her latest single “Let Me Go”, bringing the 80s synth-pop nostalgia.

ZØYA, real name Zoya Naumchik, was born in Belarus before emigrating to the US when she was 11 years old. Her faith has been a large part of her musical journey and still is to this day. ZØYA grew up listening to jazz, worship and gospel cassettes, and – informed by her religious upbringing – at 13 recorded Shalom, a worship music album. From then on, she was prolific in her writing and performing, going on to record her second album at 15 with Musicol Studios. Having written over 50 songs, ZØYA has performed throughout Ohio, California, Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as her hometown of Belarus.


With two further EPs under her belt, Veracious Heart and Journey, now, ZØYA returns with her new single “Let Me Go”. Heavily inspired by 80’s synth-pop, the track explores the end of a relationship and the importance of moving on.


Speaking more on the track, ZØYA explains: ‘“Let Me Go” is an 80’s inspired, post-heartbreak anthem about getting yourself free from the broken relationship. Letting go is not that simple. Sometimes feelings come back (from one or both parties) and you feel like that person didn’t fully let you go and you can feel that vibe that it’s not over yet…it’s like you got trapped in a constant de ja vu. This song could be also a final reminder to that someone that still needs to fully let you go and move on.”


The accompanying visuals, directed by Victoria Innocenzi, see ZØYA donning a retro teal shell suit, perfectly matching the track’s nostalgic vibes.

Watch the video below: