Rising pop-rocker Lina Maxine shares intimate acoustic version of anthemic single “Let Me (Sweeter)”.

Lina Maxine is an artist causing quite a stir. The US prog-rock and power-pop songstress boasts an individual style that feels retro yet refined, blending the nuances of different genres and cleverly intertwining them.


Off the back of the success of her recent single ‘Let Me’, Lina has released an epic ‘Sweeter’ version that invites you one step further into her unique sound world. Lina’s vocals, alongside layered acoustic guitars with complex riffs and vibrant percussion, create a massive sonic impact. Her personality and vigour shines through in this “Sweeter” rendition, showing fans and followers of hers that she really can cover all bases.


An empowering offering that showcases the strength and brooding qualities of the original, “Let Me (Sweeter)” is beautifully vulnerable and speaks to lovers of all genres, with hints to 90s alt-rock pioneers Smashing Pumpkins – even in such a stripped-back performance.


As Lina explains, “I wanted to strip back the production on “Let Me” to its core, to reveal the beautiful chords and guitar riffs that inspired me to write this song. I wanted to show the vulnerability and the strength in my voice. The backing vocals, the way they intertwine and add to the haunting atmosphere in the song, is my favourite. Lifting the mask of the “red-haired femme fatale” I wanted to show you the real me. I love to sing and dance, I love walking on the beach and I love wearing all black.”

Listen to "Let Me (Sweeter)" below:

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