Exuding chilled and cosy vibes, indie singer-songwriter WILDES releases soul cleansing and thought-provoking new EP to medicate your winter blues.

A delicate tale of infatuation, obsession and the unnerving vulnerability we have all experienced as we enter a new relationship, WILDES exposes the relatable feelings where nerves meet excitement in her new EP “Let You Go”.


Ella Walker, the talented creative voice behind WILDES explains how “Let You Go is about the intense, obsessive love that you first feel at the start of a relationship. It’s intoxicating as if every part of your being is infected (for better or for worse), by this person. You can’t stop thinking about them. They’re on your mind morning, noon and night, and then suddenly you enter that dangerous pedestal territory… and love transcends into obsession.”


Originally discovered by BBC Radio 1 DJ, Phil Taggart at an open mic night, Walker is a gifted youngster who touches everyone with her powerfully dynamic voice and orchestral abundance that permeates her music.


Check out this mellow EP that will rehydrate and replenish your soul.