Noah Klein shares new lo-fi single “letshaveducksauceatginnys2n8”, ahead of his upcoming EP ‘whatdidyoudo2me’.

German-American multi-instrumentalist and producer Noah Klein is a talented underground artist ready to step into the spotlight. Known for his ambient electronic releases, the artist’s brand-new single “letshaveducksauceatginnys2n8” is a lo-fi indie track providing the perfect backdrop to a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Making his debut in 2017 with EP ‘Seasons’ before taking a three-year hiatus, 2020 saw the artist solidify his work as a producer, mixer and artist. Previously awarded the Initiative Musik grant for budding new artists, Noah is now five years into his musical career and continues to perfect his own unique soundscape.


To accompany his music, the artist incorporates his love for art and flash photography through abstract visuals. Following his recent single “dontyoufeel5s”, “letshaveducksauceatginnys2n8” arrives ahead of his forthcoming EP ‘whatdidyoudo2me’ – a four-track project of singles written in the third person. This fall also sees the artist venture on a European and North American tour with Bearcubs.

Stream "letshaveducksauceatginnys2n8" below: