KC Carter shows the world who he is in his new album, 'Letters to a Dreamer'.

Though some may not know his name, it’s very possible indeed that you’ve heard KC Carter’s music. The artist plied his trade for some time in sync licensing, which is the licensing of music for any kind of visual media, and his songs have therefore been played in a significant variety of films, shows and video games, exposing a wide audience indeed to his artistry.


With that success under his belt, Carter is now ready to make his own name with a series of soulful releases, such as his latest album, ‘Letters to a Dreamer’. In this nine-song collection, Carter explores who he wants to be as a public figure, and what he’s sacrificed to get there.


The standout single “Stayed Down” typifies this, celebrating his resilience against adversity, paying tribute to the people who have helped him and clapping back at those who have been obstacles in this way – a track as fittingly braggadocious as it is reflective.


On the single, Carter says, “Stayed Down is a reminder of how long I’ve been dedicated to my craft before I ever saw any support or monetary means. Giving up wasn’t an option for me, so I’m grateful GOD blessed me with an undying passion and work ethic to see this thing through.”

Listen here: