Audrie Powell explores her love for country music love in most recent release, “Levi Jeans”, out now.

Audrie Powell’s musical journey could be described as less than traditional, to say the least. Born to a 17-year-old nomadic mother, the artist grew up near the ocean in Hawaii and The Bahamas. She picked up humming and singing before words were even on the cards, as her mother would sing to her so often. When she then moved to Portland at the age of six was when she began writing music. And, by 18, she knew she was set to follow her mother’s route and travel.


It wasn’t until her move to Los Angeles that her musical dreams came into play. After a brief stint in creating heavily auto-tuned R&B music, Audrie’s set on sharing her real and natural voice. “It felt like I was singing from my heart and not for what’s trendy but what feels right,” she shares. Having grown up singing Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood songs, she’s now gravitated back to her pop-country roots with “Levi Jeans”.


The new release features the acoustic guitar and Audrie’s dreamy vocals in the song, which sees her manifesting a loving relationship. As she begins to pave the way for her country career, “Levi Jeans” is a promising introduction to her new catalogue, showcasing her thoughtful songwriting and passionate storytelling. 

Listen to "Levi Jeans" below: