The Notion columnist is back casting a sharp eye over this month's hot & nots. September saw the good, the bad and the ugly from fashion month, the new season of Netflix’s Sex Education and an American middle schooler who can’t stop complaining.


falling or flying – Jorja Smith

Featuring her smash summer hit ‘Little Things’, Jorja Smith has dropped her sophomore album falling or flying. After discovering her in 2017, her voice instantly registered with me… Her EPs and collaborations with Burna Boy and Popcaan kept me hungry for a second album, and thankfully it did not disappoint. Early favourites of mine from the album include ‘Try Me’, ‘Backwards’ and ‘Falling or Flying’.

Busy Bags

In a battle against quiet luxury, fashion month has seen the rise of over accessorised bags this season. Both Balenciaga and Miu Miu debuted bags with keyrings, chains and knick knacks hanging off à la the late, great Jane Birkin. If in the coming months you can hear me jingling before you see me, just know it’s because of my bag.

Emma Stone saying Pod

Emma Stone saying pod but it sounds like pad. That’s it. I can’t stop saying “I love your paaaad” to everyone and everything.

The “Things I…” Trend

The latest victim of TikTok virality seems to be Evelyn, an American middle schooler who has sparked a trend by complaining about “things”. Despite comments like, ‘aren’t you just a ball of sunshine’ and people parodying her video style, if you actually listen to her, she has a point. I too hate people chewing loudly, people who lie in an argument and getting yelled at to finish getting ready. I need to see Evelyn with a self help book deal and her own Disney Channel show.

Mowalola x Beats

London designer Mowalola has collaborated with Beats by Dre this month to rework the iconic Dre Solo’s headphones. The headphones are cute but the star of the show is the campaign itself. The futuristic visuals features artists like Mowalola herself, Chi and Deto Black with JT from the City Girls fronting it off the back of her being the face of Poster Girl.


Being Late

My number one pet peeve in life has broken through into pop culture and seemed to spark discourse this month. After a rumoured feud was reported between Anna Wintour and Kim Kardashian after the latter was late to the Victoria Beckham S/S 24 show, people are debating whether it was acceptable to arrive late. Spoiler alert, it never is, even if you are a Kardashian.

The Final Season of Sex Education

The fourth and final season of Netflix’s Sex Education has been released and it’s safe to say fans aren’t happy. After only managing to get through the first episode and a half before leaving and not returning to the new season, it seems I’m not the only one who has found it hard to get in to. Characters missing and unsatisfying storylines seem to be popular gripes but for me, the stereotypical British charm that was at the show’s core has completely gone after they moved schools, making the show unrecognisable.

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