Emerging LA songstress Nastiya Kai returns with third radio-ready track, “Liar”, out now.

Written on a whim with a piano and the line ‘I’m a liar’ ticking over in her brain, “Liar” is the latest offering of pop musician Nastiya Kai. With powerful vocals, ‘80s-inspired synths, and a danceable beat, the narrative follows a toxic relationship and the stomach-turning feeling of discovering its reality.

Akin to past tracks, “Liar” is a means of self-exploration for the artist, having previously navigated topics like BPD and broken friendships. With electric guitar riffs, big choruses, and synths, there’s an element of nostalgia in her songs, juxtaposing the often darker subjects. As she preps for the production of her debut EP, she continues to strengthen her position within the pop sphere. Promoting mental health awareness and seeking to empower her listeners in all facets of life, the newcomer is one to have on your radar.


Speaking on how “Liar” came into existence, Kai explains, “I think I wrote the song in a matter of hours and I still don’t know how it came over me. Honestly, I think this song is almost a gift from fate and like a little cheer up from the universe.”

Listen to "Liar" below:

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