London-based hyper pop artist forevrboy has finally unleashed the visuals to his first release of the year “Lights Out!” alongside the news of debut EP 'Panic Club!'

“Lights Out!” is obviously an alternative pop banger with a catchy hook – we say obviously because have you listened to Forevrboy’s other singles? “The song explores themes of young love being exposed to clubs and nightlife for the first time, and all the emotions and experiences that come with it”, Forevrboy explains.


His debut EP ‘Panic Club!’, however, intends to “take people to a new place they haven’t experienced before” rather than reminisce like most of us sure will with “Lights Out!”. The title itself comes from exploring the heavy toll of anxiety and the pressure of independence transitioning from teenager to young adult with responsibilities. Perhaps we will see a mass of vulnerability from Forevrboy on the EP – who knows.

Watch the music video for "Lights Out!" by Forevrboy below: