Toronto-based singer Paris Unltd has dropped his mercurial new track, "Like A Wannabe".

Paris Unltd is a classic outside-the-box thinker. Hailing from London and now based in Toronto, the artist uses his love of poetry and spoken world to treat the world of musical tropes like a sandbox, combining and changing what’s come before him to create a new definition of what music can be.


However, his goal is ultimately to use that experimentation in service of bringing the listener into his music, creating an accessible pop sound out of the idiosyncratic pieces that anyone can dive into. It’s summarised in his new track “Like A Wannabe”, where his craft has come to an impressive apotheosis.


Using cleverly distorted vocals, “Like A Wannabe” bursts onto the scene with exciting synths and Paris Unltd deadpan lyrics to create an intriguing emotional environment where the mood is liable to change any minute to something completely different.


On the track, Paris Unltd says, “​​It’s about becoming bigger than what’s holding you back from being the architect of your own life. If I wannabe something (if I want to triumph), then I have to be a doer and not a trier.”


Listen to the track below: