North London girl-genius Natalie Shay narrates the demise of a relationship in latest track, ‘Like You Boy’.

Making music for all twentysomethings to relate to, Natalie Shay is undoubtedly North London’s next biggest thing. While her earlier work shied away from the well-trodden path of break-up narratives, she embraces it full throttle in her latest track ‘Like You Boy’, delving into the relatable moments that follow the end of a relationship.


With unabashed honesty, Natalie is not afraid to confront her own emotions, laying bare her heart for all to see. Her lyrics are poignant, touching upon themes ranging from love and friendship to weightier subjects of mental health and anxiety. Leaving no stone unturned, each line reads like a page torn from her personal diary, as she whisks up soundscapes as delicate as they are production-savvy.


Departing from her usual energetic, up-tempo style, ‘Like You Boy’ sees Natalie channel darker more emotive territory. With a tender melody carried by the acoustic guitar, the slow spellbinding tempo hooks listeners’ attention as Natalie’s delicate vocals soar atop. Bringing folk nuances into the mix, the track feels like a heartfelt ballad, as Natalie’s bittersweet words make it the perfect soundtrack for moments of introspection and lamentation.


Speaking about the song, Natalie Shay says, “The song is about the moment after you get dumped or a relationship ends. When you’re curled up in bed accepting that the relationship has ended and learning to let go of that hope of potential. You start thinking things over and trying to figure out where it went wrong, in this case blaming myself, for always screwing things up. And also blaming yourself for opening up in the first place.”

Listen to 'Like You Boy' now: