Breakout chic-pop artist Alfreda returns with alluring new track, ‘Lipstick’.

It’s hard to fathom that Alfreda’s latest track ‘Lipstick’ was recorded in just one take. Every note played and lyric sung resonates with precision and feels perfected to the utmost ‘T’. Finding influence from the timeless allure of old Hollywood glamour, particularly synonymous of the likes of Dean Martin, ‘Lipstick’ exudes a bespoke vintage charm that dazzles through Alfreda’s porcelain-delicate vocals. As she whips up ethereal soundscapes, she unveils a narrative from the perspective of someone grappling with inherited ideals.


Allowing her unabashed authenticity and creativity to come to the forefront of her artistry, Alfreda brings her old-school Hollywood glam to shake up the electro-pop scene like no other. Drawing inspiration from the burlesque scene and the Great American Songbook era, Alfreda melds swirling electronic elements with iconic sounds from the 60s for an unapologetic sound truly individual to her.


Her new single ‘Lipstick’ only exemplifies this fusion, however it’s the juxtaposition of musical elements that truly strikes the biggest chord. While we hear Alfreda’s honeyed vocals sweep the track, it’s the jaunty piano chords set against the rich orchestral backdrop that conveys the true essence of the song’s conflicting narrative. Unravelling lyrics akin to an internal monologue, Alfreda grapples with the age-old question of whether romantic love is essential for happiness or if societal expectations, particularly those imposed by the patriarchy, fuel this notion.


Alfreda said about ‘Lipstick’, “Old Hollywood musicals like Singin’ in the Rain inspired this song. One song in particular was Dean Martin’s version of You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You, released in 1960. I was drawn to the glamorous old Hollywood tone. The women’s goal in these movies tends to be love and finding their home in another man. This song is written from the perspective of someone who grew up wholeheartedly believing these ideals, and then starts to question them.”

Listen to 'Lipstick' now: