Rising star, Clifford, offers a taste of quirky production on his brand-new indie-pop single “Deja Vu”.

Writing and producing new music from the comfort of his home studio, grandeur artist Clifford is making a statement in the indie-pop scene with his catalogue of buoyant releases. Back with a genre-bending track, “Deja Vu” is a concoction of indie-pop sensibilities orchestrated by vibrant synths and speckles of electronica.


Clifford recently had a career-defining moment as he received support from Grammy-award-winning mentor and drummer Jerome ‘Bigfoot’ Brailey. Throughout 2022, the artist dropped four sensational electronic-pop songs and continues to flourish as a talented emerging artist with his brand-new single “Deja Vu”. Shared as his debut release of 2023, this track is a romantic offering about falling in love with a stranger. Driven by sonic soundwaves, throughout this release, Clifford brings the excitement of this storyline to life with luscious synths.


Speaking about his new single, Clifford says: ““Deja Vu” represents the feeling of knowing someone you’ve never met. It’s a rare occurrence and it is striking, exciting and comfortable all at the same time”.

Stream “Deja Vu” below: