Eclectic artist and producer Xander Moon is back with a new cut “1705 Hz”, the theme song of his mixtape ‘Hallucination I’.

Music chameleon, Xander Moon is an experimental singer-songwriter, producer and artist mixing an accumulation of genres to master his own authentic sound. Back with a brand-new single, “1705 Hz”, carries synth-heavy production with harmonic vocals.


2022 was a successful year for the artist in many ways. Not only did it see him drop his debut single, but his first EP titled ‘Ordinary Life’. Consisting of four genre-fluid tracks, on this project Xander makes a point to emphasise the versatility within his music. His latest single “1705 Hz” is another glimpse into the artist’s creative sphere, as it not only highlights Xander’s ear for production but his musicianship skills as a singer-songwriter.


Speaking about his new release in more detail Xander says: “It is the theme song of my mixtape Hallucination I. It is about how I approached a certain feeling after the relationship with a certain someone fell apart. How I cannot outrun this feeling, even if I try my hardest. Every time I try to make a move, I hit a ‘red light’. But once I go home and realise that this relationship will never work out, all the lights turn green. It is almost as if an inner voice tries to tell me I should not chase, but my conscience tells me I should. It is a constant loop”.

Stream “1705 Hz” below: