Emerging rapper Janae Music shares her sophomore EP titled ‘4FOR4’, featuring a tracklist of four eclectic singles.

Singer-songwriter and rapper Janae Music is an emerging artist creating a soundscape of pulsating trap beats, with soulful harmonies. Bursting back into the scene with a brand-new EP titled ‘4FOR4’, throughout this new project the rapper flaunts her steady vocal flow.


Making her music debut with her soulful single “Used to Love You” in 2018, fast-forward five years later, Janae has made a credible amount of progress and now has two EPs under her belt. Featuring a tracklist of four singles fueled by themes of love, passion and pain, throughout ‘4FOR4’ the artist brings her creative vision to life with a selection of cuts that incorporate R&B sensibilities with hints of rap, trap and hip-hop. From her introductory single “CA$h APP” all the way to the concluding track “LICK BACK”, Janae captivates you with her riddling storytelling skills.


As you make your way through this project, Janae has you thirsting for more. ‘4FOR4’ catapults you into the genre-fluid world of Janae’s musical talent and is further proof that the rapper is an essential emerging talent to watch this 2023.

Stream ‘4FOR4’ in full below: