The Veils are back with their highly-anticipated double LP ‘... And Out Of The Void Came Love’, out now via Ba Da Bing Records.

The Veils’ brand-new double LP ‘… And Out Of The Void Came Love’ is a beautiful journey and physical representation of life itself. Channelling the unpredicted struggles of day-to-day life, throughout this LP The Veils’ frontman Finn Andrews reflects on the years he spent away from touring, alongside overcoming his wrist injury, and the birth of his newborn.


Featuring a lengthy line-up of 15  songs, throughout this brand-new album The Veils have curated a double LP project with a concise concept weaved in from start to finish. Seven years in the making, as you make your way through the album, it’s easy to envision the blood, sweat and tears that’ve been poured into this project.


Produced by Tom Healy, Finn speaks about the recording process of the album: “Tom was incredibly patient, it was a really laborious process – I brought a lot of junk down there and we had to sift through it all to try and find the parts worth saving”.

Stream ‘... And Out Of The Void Came Love’ in full below: