Emerging singer-songwriter and artist Ch3ls shares spellbinding new release “Angel Sent to Nashville”.

Ch3ls is a singer-songwriter, vocal coach and entrepreneur, returning two years after her last release “Break these Blues”. Her brand-new single “Angel Sent to Nashville” is the artist’s first-ever ballad and is driven by her soft-spoken vocals and delicate piano work.


Dropping her debut single “Break the Wheel” back in 2018, Ch3ls has since released a handful of bluesy rock and roll singles. Previously working in performance licensing during her music business degree, Ch3ls is an artist with over a decade’s experience within the music industry.


Switching from her usual angsty rock and roll hits to an emotive new release, Ch3ls has quickly proven that versatility is definitely in her discography. Introducing her softer side with a sophisticated new single, “Angel Sent to Nashville” is all about overcoming significant obstacles in life and is an optimistic release encouraging listeners to defy the odds that life can often throw at them.

Stream “Angel Sent to Nashville” below: