Songwriter and producer Pete Beat shares new single “Another Galaxy” ahead of his forthcoming album ‘The Strange Museum’.

Pete Beat is a self-taught artist and producer creating tracks with funky beats and a laid-back groove. Back with a brand-new release, “Another Galaxy” is the lead single from Pete’s forthcoming album ‘The Strange Museum’ which is scheduled to drop this April.


With over 13 years of experience as a recording artist, Pete has developed his skills in songwriting, recording and producing. Working with vocal coach Kathryn Lowdon, Pete has released several singles, EPs and albums throughout his career. His brand new track “Another Galaxy” follows after his festive release “Like a Comet Flies”. 


Gearing his fans up for his fourth studio album, ‘The Strange Museum’, “Another Galaxy” is released as an exciting snippet of what’s yet to come. ‘The Strange Museum’ is an introspective project about struggling with mental health, and loosely details Pete’s story of being diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2010. Whilst tackling tricky subjects, the artist doesn’t let this frame the sound of his work, as he continues to give listeners a range of joyous melodies.

Stream “Another Galaxy” below: