Emerging artist Jah Frida shares earnest R&B release “Baby, I’m Too Faded” taken from his forthcoming album.

Jah Frida is an indie artist blending soulful R&B sensibilities into his sound. Back with a brand-new single, “Baby, I’m Too Faded” is released off the back of his previous singles “Hot Skin” and “Catching On//Catching up” and is taken from his highly anticipated album that’s scheduled for release later this year.


Dropping his first full-length project in 2019, ‘It’s All Good’ showed Jah’s fans an accumulation of his best work. Now onto his debut single of the year, “Baby, I’m Too Faded” is finally out, after originally being written in 2020. Coated in smoother-than-butter vocals, neat guitar licks and laid-back drums, it’s fair to say this track is Jah’s most vulnerable release to date and it doesn’t disappoint.


Speaking about his new single Jah says: ““Baby, I’m Too Faded” is a song about the struggle of not feeling like you’re enough. It comes from a place of vulnerability and being transparent to those around you, to let them know where you’re at in terms of mental health”.

Stream “Baby, I’m Too Faded” below: