Floyd Zion is back with an introspective new single “Belly”, shared ahead of his forthcoming debut EP ‘Pink By Floyd’.

Floyd Zion is an emerging artist with a knack for making trap-rock cuts. His brand-new single “Belly” is the second release taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Pink By Floyd’. Collaborating with producer Kayhan Azadi, together the pair have compiled an exciting new project.


Between Kayhans ability to captivate listeners with his psychedelic production and Floyd’s raw lyricism, the two make for an unstoppable pair. Taken from his upcoming EP ‘Pink By Floyd’, Floyd is ready to shake up the indie-rock scene as we know with this brand-new project. Challenging the current soundscape of indie-rock, throughout his new EP Floyd mixes sub-genres and tackles themes of toxic relationships.


Speaking about “Belly” Floyd says: “I wrote this song at a time in my life when I felt stuck. Stuck in my relationship, stuck with a job I didn’t want, stuck in a reality I didn’t want to live in. I wanted to put something on record that pushed back at the feeling of feeling stuck and complacent”.

Stream “Belly” below: