Rising talent Rush B returns after the success of his debut EP ‘dues’, with a new slick R&B track “choices”.

Currently studying music, self-taught artist, songwriter and producer Rushil Bhatia, otherwise known by his musical moniker Rush B, is an emerging talent to add to the R&B scene. Mixing a steady flow with angelic harmonies and subtle drill beats, on his latest track “choices”, the artist effortlessly sings about personal affairs.


Last month Rush B dropped his debut EP ‘dues’ which featured a selection of soulful releases. Returning to the R&B scene after a successful run of sold-out shows at a number of grassroots venues, the artist is back and is keen to keep making music that connects with his audience.


Over the years Rush B has accumulated a catalogue of singles since 2018 and officially shared his debut song “5am” in 2020. His brand-new track “choices” is an introspective release reflective of the artist’s experiences he endured going up. Transferring his thoughts and feelings into a soundscape of potent lyrics, with smooth beats, throughout this new track Rush B invites listeners into his world through nonchalant percussion.

Stream “choices” below: