Rising pop star and performer EMMY claps back two years after her debut with an upbeat new release “COOL GIRL”.

EMMY is a rising singer-songwriter ready to showcase her off-kilter approach to pop music. Back with a brand-new single “COOL GIRL” is the artist’s sophomore release and is out now via GODMODE music.


Beginning her music career with her debut single release “STUPID BIG TEETH”, by the end of 2022 EMMY rapidly grew her listenership and successfully accumulated a sizable 5.6 million streams across Spotify alone. Encouraging people to unapologetically be themselves “COOL GIRL” is a melodic new release with relatable lyrics and is the perfect confidence boost for when you need it the most.


Speaking about her new release EMMY says: “When we were in the studio writing “COOL GIRL”, it actually started because we were talking about my first song and how a lot of people didn’t like it online. It felt like a lot of people just saw people hating on it so they just started doing the same. “COOL GIRL” came from the idea that if you like something and think it’s cool, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks and you should just own it and be yourself”.

Stream “COOL GIRL” below: