Cristina Hart shares indie-pop offering “Crash” ahead of her forthcoming project ‘Online Therapy’.

Alternative artist Cristina Hart is back with an anthemic new release “Crash”. The second track taken from her three-single campaign, “Crash” is a climactic hit single and is co-produced by Matt Wills.


Breaking her two-year music hiatus last autumn with her melancholic release “Never Be Her”, Cristina has returned after taking some time to heal her mental well-being and is ready to drop some infectious melodies. Currently building towards her forthcoming project ‘Online Therapy’, her brand-new single “Crash” eagerly teases fans with what to expect.


Speaking about her new release Cristina says: ““Crash” is my angriest song to date, and yet at the same time the most raw and vulnerable I’ve ever been.  It’s about the worst before it gets better. It’s about losing someone you naively assumed would always be there only to realize that nothing lasts forever. That realization and grief can be so painful and numbing that it feels like no one around you could possibly understand what you’re going through. I started online therapy two weeks before writing this song and it really felt like ‘being hit by a bus’…”

Stream “Crash” below: