Alternative singer-songwriter Baby Pink shares a new music video for her collaborative new release “Crocodile”.

Back by popular demand, R&B singer-songwriter Baby Pink has released a brand-new single titled “Crocodile”. Featuring emerging artist Kieran, together the pair have whipped up a smooth track with a retro-styled music video.


Releasing music since 2018, Baby Pink’s last two tracks “Lockdown Love” and “Unbothered” caught the attention of many and were infectious releases to add to her current discography. Known for her transparent storytelling skills, smoother-than-butter vocal flow and relatable lyrics, Baby Pink continues to show her fans her truest form as she wears her heart on her sleeve on this new release.


Speaking about the inspiration behind her new single Baby Pink says: ““Crocodile” is a very personal record to me. The song was written hours after I broke up with my ex, after finding out I had been massively disrespected in the relationship. The next morning my friend Kieran and I decided to make a break-up song with a slightly unconventional twist – with Kieran narrating the character of another guy who believes he could ‘treat you better’ after hearing about the failed relationship”.

Stream “Crocodile” below: