EDM artist and DJ Brauch is back with a flamboyant new release “Do You Feel It” following his previous single “Heartbreak”.

EDM is the most innovative musical genre and blends different sounds and essences to create music that is magic to the ears. More than a genre, it is a trend that has never faded but has been revived in multiple ways over the decades by different artists. EDM allows artistic freedom to experiment with sounds, drum parts, synthesizers, and sampling. It’s no wonder EDM artists are often the life of any event and fill out venues. Brauch is one such up-and-coming EDM artist sweeping the music scene with his unique take on EDM. 


Brauch was born and raised in Atlanta, a place that hardly features on the musical map in the U.S. However, he did not let any barrier get in the way of his goal to become an accomplished EDM artist and DJ. He has several new songs coming out this year, which will likely strengthen his position further as a promising EDM artist in the industry. Brauch is also a DJ and loves making the crowd move to his music. He has a great stage presence, and his ability to know the vibe of a crowd is unparalleled. 


Carving out a place for himself in an industry that is highly saturated with fresh talents from different corners of the globe has not been easy. Brauch has managed to steal the spotlight because of his distinct style of EDM. His refined sense of music makes him stand out among his contemporaries. Brauch’s style is unique yet familiar and can be enjoyed by anyone. The rhythm he creates takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride, which they love. 


The young artist is still in the initial phase of his career as a DJ and EDM artist, yet he has shared the stage with some of the top names in the music industry. Brauch is working hard to add more names to this list, and going by his accomplishments so far, it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a sought-after name in the American EDM scene. 


Currently, Brauch is busy working on his upcoming projects, which he is extremely excited about. His past releases include breathtaking EDM singles like “Heartbreak”, “Do You Feel It”, “Oldschool” “Party is Over”, and “Take It”. Brauch has worked hard to present something fresh and unique in each song, showcasing his talent as an EDM artist. While the artist has just announced the release of these songs, music enthusiasts are already excited to see what Brauch will bring to the table. 


Brauch believes he has miles to go navigating the music industry, as he has just started getting recognized. He is working hard on honing his craft to live up to his listeners’ expectations. Brauch has bigger plans for the future, but before everything else, he wants to fire up EDM events and dance floors across the U.S. as a DJ and music artist.

Stream “Do You Feel It” below: