Emerging artist Low.bõ challenges the status quo on his brand-new single “Down On My Luck” following summer hit “Venus”.

23-year-old artist Low.bõ has shared a brand-new cut “Down On My Luck”. Following his 2022 summer hit single, “Venus”, “Down On My Luck” follows up as a rhythmic fuck-you to the status quo. Presenting a new mantra for his fans to follow, Low.bõ poetically raps about the suffocating qualities of capitalism and the importance of having the freedom to explore.


Music is something that’s always been there for the artist, having spent his younger years in choirs, it’s fair to say Low.bõ has an ear for quality. Throughout his music the artist masters vocal layering through addictive harmonies. Working on a series of demos throughout the pandemic, Low.bõ finally showed the industry a taste of his work with his nonchalant single “My Dogs”.


Now sharing his debut release of 2023, Low.bõ describes what “Down On My Luck” is about. He says: “I work a six-to-six job that I don’t enjoy working because of not having the time to explore other outlets of my life such as romance or simple pleasure. Because of being stuck at a job and being caught up in the cycle of capitalism and survival, “Down On My Luck” became the manifestation of that. Fuck a nine-to-five, fuck a catch-22, and live your life as free as you can”.

Stream “Down On My Luck” below: