Saige is back with angelic synth-pop release “Emulsify” shared ahead of her forthcoming EP ‘Sparks’.

Rising star Saige is back with another vulnerable piece that tells a captivating story in just a few words. Beautifully led by lo-fi synths, “Emulsify” is taken from the artist’s forthcoming EP titled ‘Sparks’.


Throughout her music, Saige takes listeners on a passage of cinematic sounds and has quickly made a name for herself for her standout live performances. Praised for the rich timbre of her authentic vocal style, throughout “Emulsify” Saige teases fans with a glimpse of what to expect on her new EP.


Speaking about her new single, Saige says: ““Emulsify” is actually the only love song I’ve ever written. I’d never been one for staying at home, I’d feel a bit anxious and like a caged lion. I got into this relationship, and everything just slowed and calmed down in the best way possible. We got our own place and I found I never wanted to leave; serene and enjoying their company. I get a lot of people asking me about the song title. When two liquids emulsify, they don’t fully become the one liquid – they’ll mix well together – but if you look very closely some particles of them both remain separate – much like people in relationships”.

Stream “Emulsify” below:


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