How Kriss Reeve is impacting the music industry.

If you’re a dance music fan, then you’ve probably heard of Kriss Reeve. With over six million streams on Spotify and support from big-name DJs Don Diablo, Tiësto, and Hardwell, Kriss is making waves in the music industry. But what sets this talented producer and DJ apart from the rest? Let’s take a closer look at how Kriss impacts the music scene and what makes him unique. 


Born Robbert Vellekoop, Kriss Reeve is a producer and DJ whose signature sound is a unique blend of tech house, bass house, and future house. This style is the result of fluidly combining tech house grooves with underground house sounds and memorable vocals. “It combines something recognisable with something new and fresh”, Kriss explains. 


This diverse range of styles can also be seen in Kriss’s electrifying live shows. He keeps the crowd on their feet with unexpected drops and catchy vocals, all while having a blast himself. It’s not uncommon to see Kriss sing along or interact with his fans on stage. His combination of being a studio nerd and a live performer is what sets him apart and makes him stand out in the industry. 


When he’s not behind the decks or in the studio, Kriss can often be found drinking his daily dose of iced tea or honing his skills on the basketball court. But despite his success and fame, Kriss was not always confident about his music production. He found success as a co- and ghost producer for other big artists and labels but lacked the confidence to share his own music. 


But he didn’t let that hold him back for long. He started reading books, studying the mental aspect of creating art, and realised he was just holding himself back. So Kriss changed his name, started making music, and began sharing it with the world. And with every positive response, his confidence grew. Now he’s a name to watch in the world of dance music. 


Kriss is also a big dreamer. He would love to tour the world and share his passion for music with others, and his ultimate goal is to sell out Madison Square Garden with a solo show. Kriss’ impact on the music industry is evident in his numerous achievements, including reaching two million streams on his hit song “Bananza” and his upcoming collaboration with JOXION on Martin Mix’s song, “Spinning”. Kriss is truly making a difference in the music industry, and his future is looking bright. 


In conclusion, Kriss is a rising star in the music industry. With his unique blend of tech house, bass house, and future house, his music captivates audiences worldwide. He is a true performer, as comfortable in the studio as he is behind the decks, and he has big dreams for his music career. Whether he’s playing live shows or releasing new music, Kriss will continue impacting the music industry.

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