Rapper YBE K@n5eR is revealing his art while advocating for cancer.

The music industry is full of talent, from prominent artists to newcomers, who have all made their mark in this space. Rap is undoubtedly one of the genres that have skyrocketed in popularity. Starting in the ‘70s in America, rap has since taken the world by storm, with many artists coming up to showcase their talent and contribute to the genre. Music artist and rapper YBE K@n5eR, also known as Dr1pGodd, is also making his entrance in this space, claiming the spotlight while also advocating for a cause he believes in strongly. 


Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, YBE entered the music industry with a passion for rap music. His career has shown success within a short time. So far, YBE has worked with some of the most famous artists in the music industry, including BigCity and YBE Hustle, Ace1Yoda, and R&B sensation J Strong AkA J Bism, all of whom YBE has signed under his label. He’s also worked with executive producer L33M On Da Beat Recording Studios. Aside from these collaborations, he has been defined as one of the hottest up-and-coming producers. 


YBE’s career, however, is more than his musical efforts. The artist sees cancer and cancer treatment as a serious cause that he wants to advocate for, bringing in new awareness and contributing to it. YBE has dedicated a significant portion of its career to helping and supporting cancer patients. YBE makes soul-soothing music to help patients feel better and more hopeful. Furthermore, YBE hopes to one day help by providing cancer patients with the latest best-in-class treatment facilities. 


With his ambitions in place, YBE is making incredible progress. Currently, he has an entire team of artists, producers, managers, A&Rs, stylists, designers, financial advisors, and more working for his label. According to YBE, this team he has built is not just of people who want to make money but team members who share the collective vision to improve the brand.


Even after gaining incredible success, YBE says he wants to learn and be better at what he does. He’s working hard on his upcoming two albums, ‘WelXome2Dr1p’ and ‘Gr1ndMobb’. 


YBE’s career goals and direction in life resulted from him taking notes from his past experiences. Since childhood, YBE has seen numerous family members develop cancer, including his grandmother and aunt. YBE’s mother beat the disease, which he considers an outstanding achievement and a happy memory. This, combined with his musical talents, resulted in the incredible work YBE does today.


When talking about what he wants to do, YBE spoke about his marketing agency, which will further push the envelope of what he wants to achieve and work alongside his label. YBE is also looking to launch his own CBD line in partnership with Taylor Mears. YBE has taken a solid approach to his future, which is why he’s already collaborated with prominent Young Dro, Big Boi, Lil Scrappy, Yung Ralph, and Lotto Savage. 


Finally, YBE looks forward to creating a research fund that looks into a cure for cancer. He also wants to help people who cannot afford expensive cancer treatments.

Stream “Flute” below: