Alternative artist and multi-instrumentalist NJaM breaks his two-year hiatus with new indie-pop release, “Glitch”.

NJaM has returned with a brand-new single, “Glitch”. His first release in two years, this nonchalant track layers delicate guitar with joyous melodies accompanied by the artist’s soft-spoken vocals. 


Officially starting his musical journey with debut single “I Think I’ll Leave Instead”, 2021 also saw the artist drop his debut album, ‘I’M IN LOVE WITH A PHANTOM’ alongside a string of new releases. Returning after a two-year hiatus, NJaM’s brand-new track “Glitch” is a soundscape of soft chord progressions, taking influence from an array of artists within the dream-pop, alternative electronica scenes such as Khai Dreams, Rex Orange County, boy pablo and Brakence. 


Speaking about his new release, NJaM says: ““Glitch” is a song that came very easy to me; a song about mistrust, and desperately wanting your partner to be open and transparent with you. It started with an obscure drum beat I made, followed by distorted electric guitars, panned vocals, etc. It was important to me that the song’s production felt off, or a little glitch-like, to further serve the artistic representation of the song. Lyrics like “Don’t pretend like you’re not sure what I behold; I know you know”, and “When you feel it tell me then so I’m not wondering ‘when?’” all contribute to the overall message and meaning of the song”.

Stream “Glitch” below: