Composer and songwriter Ben L’Onlce shares new intimate album ‘Is It You?’ produced by Scott Jacoby.

Soulful trailblazer Ben L’Oncle is back with another introspective project. Out via Enchanté and Believe, ‘Is It You?’ is a 10-track collection of nonchalant releases beautifully crafted with the help of artist Gunnar Ellwanger and producer Scott Jacoby.


Following Ben’s summer 2022 album release ‘Red Mango’, the artist has been on a roll, and it’s fair to say has no intention of slowing down. Creating a sombre soundscape of soft-spoken vocals with hints of R&B, lo-fi jazz and soul tendencies, throughout ‘Is It You?’ Ben collects a selection of some of his best work into a cohesive full-length project.


Speaking about the meaning behind the album, Ben says: “This album is a conversation about life. The pandemic made us have a different point of view, we had to live differently, I started to see life all over again. We had to deal with our feelings; whether it was anger, hope, or faith; I tried to find a way with music”.

Stream ‘Is It You?’ in full below: