Symone Royale’s newest release “Loose” is an unapologetic expression of self-love and sexuality.

Sultry lyricism and sugary vocals are welcomed on Symone Royale’s latest single “Loose”. With the voice of an angel (and the racy words of its sinful counterpart), Houston native Symone invites listeners to loosen up and get down to her groovy beats. Influenced by the funk sounds of artists including Parliament-Funkadelic, Prince, and Chaka Khan, “Loose” boasts a thumping bassline and catchy beat reminiscent of some of the genre’s best-loved tracks.


Taking a look at where it all started for Symone, her sound was pieced together from a kaleidoscope of influences which she started collecting in her early childhood. She initially discovered a love for music at church and, by the age of 16, was already being scouted for public performances in her local area. With a musician father and surrounded by a plethora of genres, it’s no surprise that Symone decided music was where she wanted to be. Her natural path into music led her to Berklee College of Music and, since graduating, she has shared a range of feel-good and infectious pop tunes. 


Speaking on her most recent release, Symone explains that: “[“Loose” is about] letting go and letting your hair down to dance like nobody’s watching. From the funky bassline to the catchy beat, it’s guaranteed to make you want to dance. There was a lot of sad music out during the time I wrote this song. I wanted to create something fun and playful that reflected all the good things that were happening in my life! So I packed my recording equipment and flew to Vegas to write new music and party”.

Stream “Loose” below: