DJ and producer, DJCJ, is back with another addictive hit, “LOST WOODS” featuring long-time collaborator bb goat.

Mastering the art of producing for 10 years, grandeur DJ and producer DJCJ has become a notorious name in the EDM music scene. Regularly working with producer bb goat, the duo are back, this time for their latest offering “LOST WOODS”.


Experimenting with a range of genres from EDM to hip-hop, DJCJ has throughout the years established himself to be an imperative producer and DJ to back. Having previously performed with Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Ne-Yo, (amongst many others), the multi-faceted producer has also worked across a variety of venues in LA as a resident DJ. Returning after the success of his last single “RICK AND MORTY”, “LOST WOODS” follows up as a minimal techno-house release with escapist production.


Describing his music and songwriting process, DJCJ says: “The music I make is an energetic combination of house music, hip-hop and futuristic pop. I use Ableton to produce, mix and master everything. Every song has a different story. Most, however, start from an idea that comes out of nowhere. I’ll record it as a voice note to come back to when I’m in the studio. Before I even begin writing I like to meditate for 30 minutes so I can hit flow state and once I revisit any ideas I can be fully focused on them”.

Stream “LOST WOODS” below: