Coely is wearing her heart on her sleeve on her new emotionally raw single “Love High”, out now via Universal Music.

Rising pop star Coely is bringing infectious melodies and relatable lyrics on her new addictive single “Love High”. Recently dropping her climactic ballad “Kaos” in January this year, “Love High” follows on as a buoyant release and furthers the artist’s vast range.


A talented singer-songwriter, since starting her music journey, the artist has successfully collaborated with artists such as Kungs and Olly Murs, and has written a single for the soundtrack of François Troukens French thriller Above the Law. Back with a brand-new track, “Love High” is shared as the artists’ sophomore release of the year and it doesn’t disappoint.


Exploring the creation of her latest, Coely says: ““Love High” was created a couple of months after I had given birth to my firstborn Jabari, in 2021. The connection that my partner and I had while I was in labour was so magical, I’ve never felt more loved and supported than in that moment. It gave me the feeling that we would be able to conquer everything together and it boosted my confidence in an unexplainable way. The song sounds a little bit different from what I usually come up with, but every time I hear or play it, it takes me back to that magical moment in time”.

Stream “Love High” below: