Berlin-based artist and fashion icon K.ZIA shares new synth-pop song “Love Is”, taken from her forthcoming EP.

There’s an addictiveness to K.ZIA’s unique charisma. Constantly dressed to the 10s, the artist has cemented herself within the industry as both a creative visionary and a talented songstress. Bound by no genre, the singer frequently weaves afrobeats, R&B, pop and soul into her music. Back with a brand-new single “Love Is” is an emotionally raw track with ethereal production.


Raised on stage, throughout the years K.ZIA has created an honest connection between her music and her fans with her captivating live performances. Her brand-new single is a product of celestial chimes, subtle beats and emotionally-penned lyrics and is a blissful follow-up from her anthemic track “Sans Toi (Remix)”.


Speaking about her new release in detail, K.ZIA says: “Love Is”, is the first track of the EP. The track is about love and wanting to share it with another person. Not everyone allows themselves to experience love, out of fear or doubt many push it away. This song is an invitation to let go and allow yourself to live one of the most beautiful experiences life can offer: Love and be loved in return. Before the whole downfall, I experienced a beautiful love story like never before. I didn’t know the turnout was going to lead to one of the hardest periods of my life. This is phase one”.

Stream “Love Is” below:


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