Rising singer-songwriter and artist Claire Brooks flaunts her lyrical flair on her brand-new single “Millionaire”.

Born into a family of artists, it’s clear to see where Claire Brooks gets her charisma from. A talented writer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, there’s not a lot this artist can’t do. Recently sharing her brand-new single, “Millionaire” is an alt-pop release furthered by R&B tendencies.  


Just three tracks into her musical journey, Claire is captivating many with her earnest lyrics and eclectic taste. On her latest, the songstress observes the world around her, as she effortlessly unveils a story based on the toxicities surrounding influencer culture and the importance of speaking your truth. “Millionaire” is a nonchalant soundscape crafted by melodic production and soft-spoken vocals and is a glimpse of what to expect on her forthcoming, debut EP. 


Speaking about her new track in detail, Claire says: “I’m making a commentary on influencer culture as a result of mining my own interior experience of how deeply technology has permeated every aspect of my life, only exacerbated by the pandemic”.

Stream “Millionaire” below: