KID BE KID shares an exclusive preview of her alluring new single “Naked Times”, out via Fun in The Church.

Talented artist and producer KID BE KID is back with another state-of-the-art release. Making a name for herself for her innovative approach to experimental jazz, neo-soul and electronica, the artist’s latest single “Naked Times” is an accumulation of all of the above and is released ahead of her forthcoming LP ‘Truly A Life Goal But No Ice’.


Making music since 2017, over a course of six years, KID BE KID has developed her skills as a talented producer, beatboxer and musician to watch. Throughout her latest, the artist delivers her avant-garde vision through warped production and spoken-word vocal delivery. Out via Fun in The Church, “Naked Times” stands on its own two feet and is an experimental introduction to the artist’s upcoming LP, scheduled for release this summer.


Speaking about “Naked Times” KID BE KID says: “A friend told me after my concert that he had seen me ‘naked’ on stage. He explained it to me by saying that I had been like an open book. Yes. On stage it’s exciting. In life, sometimes it’s embarrassing. And yet in “Naked Times” I call on people to let go of all the facade nonsense”.

Stream “Naked Times” below: