Rising musician Sean Momberger is making a foothold in the industry.

Every artist has their own journey and experience in the music industry. It can be an arduous one, especially if you hail from humble beginnings and lack mentorship. The music industry is among the most challenging for newbies, especially if they don’t have mentors. Only the courageous, determined, and passionate enough will navigate through the challenges and make it. Sean Momberger is a perfect example of this and has managed to make a foothold in the industry and is making headlines in the music space. 


Sean is a sensational musician based in Los Angeles. He hails from humble beginnings in Gainesville, Florida, and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in business. He was encouraged to learn the business side of music, a field in which he thrives. His sound selection and consistency over the years have set him apart from other artists in the industry. Sean has managed to rub shoulders with big names and has worked on Grammy-nominated songs and platinum singles that have been acclaimed nationally and globally. 


A prolific artist, Sean has made a name for himself in the music industry by ensuring his fans remain enthralled by the music he produces. He has had numerous career highlights. In January 2022, he charted as a Top 10 Billboard Rap Producer. He is the sole producer of the hit single “Tempo”. His single “Too Easy” has charted at number one on the Hot 100. Additionally, Sean has collaborated with renowned producers in the hip-hop industry, including Mustard, Wheezy, London on da Track, Don Cannon, and many others. 


As a first-generation musician, Sean has also navigated many ups and downs. Hailing from a small town, the artist never received proper mentoring on how to enter the music industry. He had to manoeuvre on his own and learn all the basics, however, he overcame the odds by believing in himself and his craft while simultaneously learning the business side of the music industry. Sean believes anyone can rise to the top if they are consistent and work hard towards their dreams. 


Sean shares his story to inspire others to keep dreaming and never give up. He says: “believing in yourself is the first step toward succeeding. If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, no one will”. Additionally, he wants to encourage aspiring musicians that they, too, can make it in their music careers despite their backgrounds. You can find your path in life and keep making progress, no matter how big or small. The steps we take towards our goals make a difference, and he says the music industry is no different you can even make it without connections. 


In the coming years, Sean hopes to scale his music career to even greater heights through his unique sound and consistent work ethic. He aspires to be the change the music industry needs by crafting sensational music that is transformational. Sean is looking forward to becoming the most prominent artist of this generation and dreams of becoming a household name who will be remembered for his greatness, influence, and inspiration to others. Sean is working on expanding his artistic horizons while making new connections in the industry.

Stream “Never Been Happy” below: