Lil Hudak is making waves in the hip-hop scene.

Since a young age, music has always been a huge inspiration and a way of life for Lil Hudak. Growing up, instead of gaming or sitting around the TV, he would experiment with different styles of music through beats and vocals. Hudak always had a great voice but would use it discreetly until he grew old. Inspired by artists such as XXXTENTACION, JuiceWRLD 999, and others, music became a hobby for him, and he started making his own unique beats. 


Hudak was working with another musical artist one day when that artist told him to record his own song. So he went on and did, taking inspiration from the melodic rap scene, Hudak created his first song and got much attention from others. His SoundCloud began to rise to fame, with thousands of followers pouring in and over 500,000 streams on one song within a month. He started creating more and more music, so much so that he generated a huge fan base to where he is now. 


On Spotify alone, Hudak has over one million total streams and songs with very talented and famous artists. He’s acquired a sizable 40,000 Instagram followers, 20,000 Spotify listeners, and an audience that supports him for what he does. Many people wonder why, is it his unique personality and flow in music, or his lovable music? Hudak does his best to stand out with relatable music on past relationships and he pours out emotions others can feel on each song. 


Hudak released his most recent single, “No Rest” in December 2022, which has already accumulated over 40,000 streams on Spotify. He plans to be more consistent with music this year and hopes to hit charts and billboards across the industry. He’s been experimenting with new sounds in his music, from emo-rap to pop. Hudak hopes to get the attention of others who see potential in him and wants to put himself out there to work with artists he hasn’t before.

Stream “No Rest” below: