Jake Beck looks to the “Northern Sky” for his hit single.

Greeting you with stylish bass strumming, snares that keep your feet moving, and melodic, crooning choruses: “Northern Sky” enters centre stage. Jake Beck thrills listeners with his single which is inspired by overcoming adversity, especially when it pertains to self growth and relationships. Hailing from Toronto, this aptly named track is steeped with northern Canadian rock influence, coupled with hard-hitting, modern electronic production twists courtesy of Gavin Brown, award- winning collaborator and producer (Lady Gaga, Tragically Hip, Billy Talent). “Northern Sky” is a conduit for expressing the rough and tumble angst of youth that matures into smooth, complex, and layered melodies occasionally barbed with electrifying riffs. Jake puts on full display his musical growth and overwhelmingly abundant multi- instrumental acumen that’s just pent up for release.


Flowing between Jake’s melodic vocalising to hard-hitting, energy-infused crescendos, the single takes you on a genuine musical journey that is both retrospective and forward- thinking in nature. Relatable lyrics combined with catchy, intriguing rhythms hold a high level of replay value, putting Jake at the vanguard of contemporary artists. His ability to constantly fuse and bend styles at a whim to suit the dynamic tastes of young audiences puts him at the forefront of musical flexibility, creating undeniable bangers that all can enjoy. Jake looks to utilise his talents to spearhead the direction of the contemporary music industry, consistently blending obscure musical extremities to create wholly new, interesting beats and rhythms that listeners can’t get enough of.


From beginning to end, Jake’s passion for music is evident as he sings of love, loss, goodbyes and sacrifice. An age-old tale retold and expressed in a variety of formats throughout the generations, Jake captures and exudes genuine emotion to captivate listeners and tug at the heartstrings of the disparate youth. With more than a dozen years of musical experience under his belt, seemingly unlimited fight in his heart, and no end in sight, listeners should be more than thrilled that the proverbial musical train doesn’t stop as the artist continues to follow up with hit after hit.


Jake hopes to inspire his generation and beyond to chase dreams, persevere and beat adversity at every corner – no matter its shape or form. Jake strives to go above and beyond in music to set his music apart from other competing artists in similar genres, putting in that extra bit of effort and detail that result in the difference in success of calibre and career.


Tantalise your ears with Jake’s refreshing take on the electro, punk rock music scene and his catalogue of music available on major streaming platforms such as: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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