julianne takes listeners on a journey of spiritual healing on her new release “path i choose”, co-produced by Chris Anger.

julianne is an avid entrepreneur and songstress who isn’t afraid to share her talent with the world. Her brand-new single “path i choose” is a genre-fluid release all about finding gratitude and peace within your body, mind and soul. It’s a selfless and uplifting track co-produced with Chris Angers and swiftly follows her gospel single “O Holy Night”.


Focused on making music for her fans to relate to, and to spread the message of finding solace in oneself, julianne is an artist who likes to put her listeners first. Her work transcends far beyond joyous melodies, and motivational lyrics, as she continues to encourage her listeners to find true happiness from within.


Speaking about her new release, julianne says: “[it] marks a dynamic shift in my life. Deciding to go right or left…or turn around. I was stuck in my habitual ways, unable to move forward until something changed. Writing this song helped me make the decision to move on, to leave and grow, instead of stay and continue to be unhappy. “path I choose” resembles a fight back for freedom, a stance on admitting where you are wrong and doing what it takes to make your life what you want it to be”.

Stream “path i choose” below: