The Mild West return with an addictive new single “Pathetic”, taken from their highly-anticipated EP ‘Strangers’.

The Mild West aren’t your typical rock band. Often weaving in pop tendencies to bring their addictive sound to life, the group are back with another infectious hit. Shared as their debut single of 2023, “Pathetic” is a perfect blend of pop meets rock and is taken from their sophomore EP, ‘Strangers’, which is set for release later this year.


Throughout their music, the group create a genre-bending aesthetic carved by joyous chord progressions and sing-a-long lyrics. “Pathetic” is a buoyant track that perfectly summarises the band’s sound and touches upon self-deprecating thoughts such as comparison, and self-doubt. Whilst sonically a joyous ride, “Pathetic” is simultaneously a powerful release with relatable lyrics.


Speaking about “Pathetic”, the band shares: “This happy-sounding sad song is about never feeling good enough in an increasingly picture-perfect world of social media perfectionism. Despite this darkness, it serves as an anthem to remind yourself how ‘enough’ you are when the world tries to make you feel like you’re falling behind”.

Stream “Pathetic” below: